Work Jackets

  1. Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket
  2. Chris Stapleton Signature Mackinaw Wool Cruiser
  3. Tin Cloth Work Jacket
  4. Mackinaw Wool Work Jacket
  5. Fleece Lined Jac-Shirt
  6. Mackinaw Wool Work Jacket
  7. CPO Wool Jac-Shirt
  8. Lined Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket
  9. Seattle Wool Jac-shirt
  10. Tin Cloth Foul Weather Hoodie
  11. Seattle Wool Jac-Shirt
  12. Dry Tin Cloth Jac-Shirt
  13. Forestry Cloth Cruiser Jacket
  14. Rugged Twill Cruiser Jacket
  15. Seattle Wool Jac-Shirt

Work Jackets Ready for Any Job

What is a Work Jacket?

Work jackets are durable, functional outer layers for use in a wide range of tasks. The type and location of work are prime factors in materials and design choices.

What Materials Does Filson Use to Make Work Jackets?

Filson makes work jackets in wool, canvas, and waxed cottons. Work happens in a wide range of environments, from soggy forests with thick underbrush to cold workshops and warehouses. Our original work jacket was the 1914 Mackinaw Wool Cruiser, designed for foresters. Waxed and unwaxed Tin Cloth variations soon followed, and many other designs using those same materials have followed since then.

What Kind of Work are Filson Jackets for?

Finding the right work jacket is a matter of choosing the right material and design for the job conditions. For example, our 1914-patented Mackinaw Wool Cruiser was designed for surveying a forest ahead of a logging operation, and it excels in that environment. Our waxed Tin Cloth with its legendary resistance to punctures and tearing, however, would be much better for clearing brambles from a fence line. For jobs in a cold workshop or framing a house, a non-waxed canvas such as our dry finish Tin Cloth would be an ideal choice.

Why Choose a Filson Work Jacket?

Filson has equipped foresters, explorers, ranchers, and tradesmen for well over a century with top-grade functional and durable clothing. As with premium tools, investing in quality yields greater long-term satisfaction than buying inferior goods and disposing of them when they don’t hold up.

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