Lightweight Shirts

  1. Washed Short Sleeve Feather Cloth Shirt
  2. Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt
  3. Short Sleeve Embroidered Pocket T-Shirt
  4. Kyler Martz Graphic T-shirt
  5. Washed Feather Cloth Shirt
  6. Chambray CPO Shirt
  7. Kyler Martz Graphic T-shirt
  8. Pioneer Pocket T-shirt
  10. Long Sleeve Pioneer Graphic T-shirt
  11. State Of Kind T-shirt
  12. Short Sleeve Embroidered Pocket T-shirt
  13. Sportsman's Shirt
  14. Sportsman's Shirt

Unfailing Lightweight Tops

A lightweight, long-sleeve shirt is warm-weather wardrobe essential. A classic flannel shirt in plaid and solid colors, our Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt is a perennial favorite. For a lightweight work shirt, chambray is a fabric that’s renowned for its durability and comfort. Designed for fishing, our Twin Lakes Sport Shirts are moisture-wicking and quick-drying. These lightweight button-up shirts are available with long or short sleeves. One advantage of a long-sleeve T-shirt such as our Barrier is the built-in flex that can be provided only by a knit fabric. That comfortable flex is a major reason why T-shirts are universal staples, and our Pioneer series are some of the finest available.

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