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Classic Henleys in Wool & Cotton

What is a Henley?

The term Henley refers to a style of collar that is rounded, more open than a crewneck, and with a short placket with two to five buttons. Henley collars are most often found on knitted T-shirts and sweaters, and occasionally on woven shirts. The name comes from the uniforms worn by rowing crews in the English town of Henley.

What is a Henley for?

An unbuttoned Henley collar provides a relaxed feel with a bit of flexibility for cooling around the neck. Henley collars were common on vintage long-johns and union suits. A Henley collar on a sweater reduces restriction when worn over a collared shirt.

Why Choose Filson?

Filson Henleys are purpose-built and made with only the best materials for their intended use. From warm and breathable waffle-knit shirts to heavy-duty reinforced sweaters, a Filson Henley is made for the outdoors and built to last.

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