Flannel Shirts

  1. Alaskan Guide Shirt
  2. Vintage Flannel Work Shirt
  3. Elk Heights Camp Shirt
  4. Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt
  5. Buckner Wool Camp Shirt
  6. Short Sleeve Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt
  7. Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt
  8. Flannel Service Shirt


Classic Flannel Shirts

What is Flannel Fabric?

Flannel refers to the texture of a fabric that is typically brushed after weaving to give it a slightly fuzzy surface, known as a napped finish. Flannel is typically associated with plaid shirts, though plaid is actually a color pattern rather than a type of fabric. Flannels can come in solid colors or patterns, and can be made with wool or, most commonly, cotton. Filson is a pioneer in flannel shirts, having made woolen flannels as early as 1922. All of our current and recent flannels are made from cotton in varying weights.

What are Flannel Shirts for?

Flannel shirts are a closet staple, not dressy enough for formal settings, yet appropriate in situations where a T-shirt is too casual. Filson flannel shirts are available in a variety of fabric weights for year-round comfort. Whether worn while fishing or hunting, layered under a hoodie and work jacket, or relaxing in the pub afterwards, flannels are the most versatile shirts out there.

Our Alaskan Guide Shirt sets the standard for comfort and durability in flannels. Made with dense 8-oz. cotton, it’s provided warmth for ranchers, bush pilots, and sportsmen for 30 years. Our Vintage Flannel Work Shirt is a bit thicker and heavier, with a relaxed weave that promotes breathability while providing excellent insulation under layers. Our Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt is 25% lighter than the original, and is ideal for milder weather and more vigorous activity. The Filson Field Flannel Shirt has rapidly become a favorite midweight shirt for sportsmen. Its tight weave provides durability and wind resistance without overheating.

Why Filson Flannels?

Filson has well over a century of experience in manufacturing highest quality outdoor clothing and gear. We work with the best mills in the world to develop fabrics that meet our design requirements. Durability and functionality are high priorities in developing our flannels, and they are yarn-dyed for lasting colors. Filson flannels hold their shape and structure through years of wear. You’ll feel the difference from the first wearing.

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