Button Up Shirts

  1. Alaskan Guide Shirt
  2. Vintage Flannel Work Shirt
  3. Field Flannel Shirt
  4. Elk Heights Camp Shirt
  5. Northwest Wool Shirt
  6. Moleskin Seattle Shirt
  7. Denim Stampede Shirt
  8. Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt
  10. Buckner Wool Camp Shirt
  11. CPO Wool Jac-Shirt
  12. Flannel Service Shirt
  13. Chambray CPO Shirt
  14. Seattle Wool Jac-shirt
  15. Service Shirt
  16. Seattle Wool Jac-Shirt
  17. Jacquard Wool Jac-shirt
  18. Worsted Wool Guide Shirt
  19. Corduroy Camp Shirt
  20. Mackinaw Wool Jac-shirt

Expedition-Ready Button Ups

Why Choose a Filson Button-Up Shirt

First off, a bit of clarification. Button-up shirts have buttoning front closures, while a button-down has a collar that can be buttoned to the body of the shirt. Filson make button-up shirts in cotton and wool fabrics of varying weights. Like all Filson products, our button-up shirts are purpose-built for the outdoors from materials that are the best of their kind.

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