Upland Hunting

  1. Alaskan Guide Shirt
  2. Prospector Full-Zip Hoodie
  3. Tin Cloth Upland Brush Pants
  4. Swiftwater Rain Jacket
  5. Bird & Trout Knife
  6. Field Flannel Shirt
  7. Moleskin Seattle Shirt
  8. Waffle Knit Henley
  9. Heritage Sportsman Bag
  10. Mesh Game Bag
  11. Tin Cloth Game Bag
  12. Backpack Dry Bag
  13. Tin Cloth Field Jacket
  14. Upland Guide Strap Vest
  15. Sportsman's Shirt
  16. Upland Brush Pants
  17. Dog Chest Protector
  18. Swiftwater Rain Jacket
  19. Big Game/Upland Hat
  20. Double Hunting Bibs W/Zipper

Choosing Upland Hunting Gear

When we spend nine months preparing for and anticipating the upland season, it only makes sense to have top-quality gear to make the most of autumn days afield.

The upland hunting vest is essential for carrying shells, gear, and birds. Filson’s Upland Guide Strap Vest was recognized as the best upland hunting vest of 2022 by Field & Stream® for its capacity, ease of loading, and carrying comfort. On the other end of the spectrum, our Tin Game Bag is a simple, tough vest that’s also received accolades as the best upland strap vest.

In choosing the best upland hunting pants, terrain, cover, and weather are important factors. For thick, brushy cover in cold weather, our heavy-duty Tin Cloth Upland Brush Pants are the best option. For wide-open prairie hunts or hunting chukar in the rimrock on warm days, our Upland Brush Pants are lightweight and comfortable with woven-in stretch for non-binding ease of motion. For some upland hunting, chaps are the answer. Our Double Tin Cloth Chaps can be easily removed while driving between smaller parcels to hunt, or added over other pants to provide maximum protection.

The Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket is a purpose-built, dedicated upland hunting jacket. Its shell pockets and rear game bag enable one to hunt in foul weather without a vest. On the other end of the spectrum is our lightweight Swiftwater Rain Jacket. While not designed specifically for hunters, many consider it the best waterproof upland hunting jacket because it packs easily into a vest pocket for long days in mixed weather.

Like with pants, choosing the right shirt for a trip is all about weather, terrain and personal preference. A Barrier Long Sleeve T-Shirt wicks moisture and dries quickly, ideal characteristics for early-season hunts in warm weather. For a more traditional button-front shirt, our Sportsman’s Shirt also offers quick-dry, lightweight fabric while featuring the reinforced shoulders of a classic field shirt. When the temperature plummets in the late season, one of our Merino Wool Crewnecks underneath a warm Alaskan Guide Flannel is a favorite setup.

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