Merino Wool

  1. 210G Merino Wool Short Sleeve Crewneck
  2. Lightweight Traditional Crew Socks
  3. X Country Outdoorsman Socks
  4. Heavyweight Traditional Crew Socks
  5. 280G Merino Wool Crewneck
  6. 280G Merino Wool Bottoms
  7. Reliable Boot Socks
  8. 400G Merino Wool Balaclava
  9. 400G Merino Wool Half-Zip
  10. 400G Merino Wool Bottoms
  11. 280G Merino Wool Balaclava

Rugged Merino Wool Essentials

What is Merino Wool?

Merino wool is from a breed of sheep with exceptionally fine fleece. These sheep are raised in regions with wide temperature swings which causes them to develop fleece that can regulate their body temperature in hot or cold weather. This also makes merino wool ideal for keeping humans comfortable in the outdoors.

Why Buy Filson's Merino?

Filson uses only the best merino wool for base layers, socks, T-shirts, and long underwear­, and all are specially processed to make them washable without concern about shrinking. Merino wool clothing is not limited to next-to-skin layers. Our merino wool sweaters and beanies have all of wool’s natural insulating ability, and are purpose-built for outdoor sporting uses.

Merino Wool is naturally odor-resistant, making it a great choice for long-haul travel, camping trips, and repeated wearing.

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