1. Logger Mesh Cap
  2. Watch Cap Beanie
  3. Harvester Cap
  4. 210G Merino Wool Short Sleeve Crewneck
  5. X Country Outdoorsman Socks
  6. Small Dry Bag
  8. Medium Dry Duffle Bag
  9. 280G Merino Wool Bottoms
  10. 400G Merino Wool Bottoms
  11. Skagit Rain Jacket
  12. Swiftwater Rain Cap
  13. Lightweight Angler Cap
  14. Bird & Trout Knife
  15. Backpack Dry Bag
  16. Dry Sling Pack
  17. Skagit Rain Cap
  18. Dry Backpack
  19. Swiftwater Rain Pants
  20. Skagit Rain Pants

Choosing the Best Fishing Clothing and Gear for How You Fish

Fishing can mean rock-hopping in a mountain stream, wading thigh-deep in a winter steelhead run, or poling across the flats stalking lightning-fast bonefish. Varying weather requires different types of fishing clothing, whether it’s lightweight, vented fishing shirts such as our Twin Lakes or a warm Wool Watch Cap snugged down over the ears. Most fly-fishing clothing doesn’t need to be designed specifically for fishing. For example, our Merino Wool Bottoms in both 280g and 400g weights make excellent base layers for skiing or wearing under waders. Our Ultralight Jacket is a quick-dry, lightweight, and packable layer for colder-weather fishing.

Cold-weather angling requires warm fishing clothes, a rain jacket, and maybe some coffee or even whiskey. A waterproof fishing backpack such as our Dry Backpack is a great option to keep it all protected from wet weather and rogue waves. For accessing gear midstream without the need to remove a backpack, a fly-fishing sling pack like our waterproof Dry Sling Pack can be rotated to the front.

The best fly-fishing vest is one that matches your style of fishing and is comfortable. Some fishermen carry fly boxes, tippet spools, weights, strike indicators, floatant, and enough gear for any possible situation on the river. Our Fishing Guide Vest features ample pockets to help keep it all organized. For the angler who prefers to fish light and fast with just a fly box and a few accessories, our Fishing Chest Pack is an alternative that’s an ideal minimalist setup.

Seeing into the water is a critical aspect of fishing, so polarized sunglasses are a must. Along with those, fishing hats and caps block overhead glare to help you see better. Many anglers prefer a full-brimmed fishing hat like our Summer Packer Hat to help prevent sunburns.

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