Rain Jackets

  1. Swiftwater Rain Jacket
  2. Ranger Anorak
  3. Foul Weather Jacket
  4. Skagit Rain Jacket
  5. Ranger Insulated Jacket
  6. All Season Rain Coat
  7. 3-layer Field Jacket
  8. Filson X Freeman Raincoat
  9. Waterfowl Wading Jacket

Rain Jackets Made with Technical and Traditional Materials

What are the Benefits of Traditional and Technical Rainwear?

Traditional rainwear made from waxed cotton and technical synthetic rainwear with waterproof membranes both have their place, with each having unique benefits.

Waxed Canvas

  • Weather resistance: Water-resistant waxed cotton will keep you dry in moderate rains.
  • Durability: Filson waxed cottons are canvas fabrics available in varying weights/durability, and can be repaired to extend their life.
  • Longevity: Waxed cotton can be rewaxed time and again to renew its water resistance.
  • Heritage: Many people choose waxed cotton out of respect for tradition, honoring the old ways. There is a certain appeal in wearing a jacket like those worn a century ago.

Technical Rain Coats

  • Weather resistance: Filson technical rain jackets are fully waterproof to keep you dry in driving rain for extended periods of time.
  • Breathability: Filson technical rainwear is highly breathable, allowing warm, moist vapors to escape to the outside to minimize getting wet from sweating.
  • Weight: Technical rainwear tends to be more packable and lighter in weight than comparably durable waxed cotton.

What Material Does Filson Use to Make Rain Jackets?

Filson rainwear is made from waxed cottons in various weights, as well as several different nylon fabrics with waterproof membranes.

Are Filson Jackets Windproof?

Fabrics that can resist water entry are also highly wind-resistant. Any wind that does pass through is imperceptible, making them effectively windproof.

Why Choose Filson?

Filson has manufactured high-quality, durable, and functional outdoor clothing and gear for well over a century, and that experience is applied to every garment Filson makes. Only the best materials are used and the manufacturing meets exacting standards.

How To Care for Filson Rain Jackets

Filson waxed cotton rainwear should not be washed, as detergents will strip the wax from the fabric and reduce its water resistance. Simply brush or wipe off dirt, and let the waxed cotton develop its unique character and patina. Periodically rewaxing the cotton will renew its water-resistant properties. How often to rewax is dependent on its use. The more frequently waxed cotton gets soaked or muddy, the more frequently rewaxing is needed. For most users, every few years is a good guideline. 

Filson technical rainwear can be machine-washed in cold water with no bleach. It should not be dry-cleaned.

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