Pullover Jackets

  1. Ranger Anorak
  2. Granite Spire Fleece Pullover
  3. Tin Cloth Quarter Zip Pullover
  4. Shelter Cloth Waxed Anorak
  5. Mackinaw Wool Anorak

Adventure-Ready Pullover Jackets

Why Choose a Pullover Instead of a Full-Zip Jacket?

Pullover jackets are straightforward designs with no moving parts, maximizing dependability. With no front zipper, there is less opportunity for wind and water to penetrate and make you cold. Pullovers are also less bulky for packing or when cinching down a hip belt.

What Materials are Filson Pullovers Made From?

Filson pullovers can be made from wool or waxed cotton. Which material to choose comes down to the weather and conditions where they’ll be worn, just as with a full-zip jacket. For maximum durability in sloppy or muddy conditions, nothing beats our Tin Cloth. For a lighter, weather-resistant pullover that’s more packable, waxed cotton such our Ranger fabric is a great choice. For a warm pullover that’s also durable and weather-resistant, nothing beats our iconic Mackinaw Wool.

Why Choose Filson?

Filson is the wool and waxed cotton expert with a track record of manufacturing the highest-quality clothing since 1897. Our pullover jackets are purpose-built for the outdoors using the best raw materials available. Filson products are built to perform, not merely to look the part.

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