1. Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt
  2. Fleece Lined Jac-Shirt
  3. Lined Mackinaw Wool Jac-shirt
  4. Women's Beartooth Work Coat
  5. CPO Wool Jac-Shirt
  6. Seattle Wool Jac-shirt
  7. Women's Wool Jac-shirt
  8. Jacquard Wool Jac-shirt
  9. Seattle Wool Jac-Shirt
  10. Dry Tin Cloth Jac-Shirt
  11. Cover Cloth Quilted Jac-shirt
  12. Mackinaw Wool Jac-shirt
  13. Mackinaw Wool Jac-Shirt
  14. Ccc Jacquard Wool Jac-shirt
  15. Filson X Freeman Heartwood Overshirt
  16. Seattle Wool Jac-Shirt


50 Years of Crafting the Absolute Best Jac-Shirts for Men

What is a Jac-Shirt?

While some call them shirt-jacs, jacket-shirts or shirt-jackets, essentially a jac-shirt is a overshirt made from sturdy woven fabric. The front closure can use snaps or buttons, and the level of insulation can range from very little to being as warm as a coat.

Why Choose a Shirt-Jac?

Our jac-shirts offer unmatched versatility for use in cool to cold weather. Much more than simply a look or style, a jac-shirt can take the place of a jacket, can be worn as a warm, low-bulk layer under a rain shell, and is especially useful when moving back and forth between inside and outside. A midweight jac-shirt can be worn as an outer layer, or underneath a down vest when more core warmth is needed. Jac-shirts blur the line between shirts and jackets, and can be used as either, depending on the weather.

What are Filson Jac-Shirts Made From?

The original Filson Jac-Shirt is made with 18-oz. 100% wool and serves as a heavy shirt or a light jacket. Since its versatility has made it so popular over its 50 years of service, we’ve expanded our Jac-Shirts assortment to include designs made with several different materials including Mackinaw Wool, cotton canvas, waxed cotton and other hardy fabrics.

Our Mackinaw Wool and CPO Jac-Shirts are both made with heavy 24-oz. wool and are ideal choices for cold, wet weather. The Filson Fleece-Lined Jac-Shirt has a tough canvas shell that is ideal as durable workwear in cold, dry weather. A waxed-cotton jac-shirt is a great layer for use in wet or muddy conditions, while a jac-shirt with quilted insulation makes a great choice for cold, windy weather.

What makes Filson Jac-Shirts Different?

Filson Jac-Shirts have a 50-year legacy of performance and durability. They are made with the best materials available and provide unrivalled durability, making our Jac-Shirts a long-term value. In contrast to inferior jac-shirts that will be worn out and tossed away in a few years, a Filson Jac-Shirt will be a trusted friend for decades of protection in the outdoors. The superior quality of Filson Jac-Shirts is obvious from the first wearing.


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