Fleece Jackets

  1. Granite Spire Fleece Pullover
  2. Granite Spire Fleece Vest

Lightweight, Quick-Drying Fleece Jackets

What is Fleece?

Fleece is a knitted fabric that’s brushed to create heat-trapping loft. Often made from polyester or acrylic, fleece was originally developed as an alternative to wool. By varying the length of the knitted loops and how tightly they’re packed together, fleece can be made thick and soft or thin and dense.

What Makes it Good for Outdoor Clothing?

Because fleece is lightweight and dries quickly, it’s an excellent material for jackets and pants in the right conditions. Underneath a rain shell or fishing waders, fleece traps warm air close to the body. During strenuous exercise, fleece’s excellent breathability helps minimize sweat buildup.

When To Choose Fleece Over Wool?

While wool has been the fabric of choice in the outdoors for centuries, there are times when fleece may be the better option. Lightweight fleece can help to minimize weight when trekking or backpacking. Fleece dries more rapidly than wool, which can make it the better choice for anglers or boaters who may end up getting soaked.

How To Care for Filson Fleece Jackets?

Filson fleece should be machine-washed in cold water on the gentle cycle and tumble-dried at a low temperature. Do not use bleach or fabric softener when washing our fleece. If needed, a cool iron can be used to remove wrinkles.

Why Choose Filson?

Filson has manufactured high-quality, durable, and functional outdoor clothing and gear for well over a century, and that experience is applied to every garment Filson makes. Only the best materials are used and the manufacturing meets exacting standards.

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