Field Jackets

  1. 3-layer Field Jacket
  2. Tin Cloth Field Jacket
  3. Cavalry Wool Field Jacket
  4. Ranger Insulated Field Jacket

Inspired by Vintage Military Field Wear

What is a Field Jacket?

Field jackets originate from the functional, rugged jackets issued to military troops, made with plenty of room for ease of motion and layering and ample pockets for gear.

Are All Field Jackets Made with Waxed Cotton?

Historic field jackets were not made with waxed cotton. They were designed as part of a layering system, with the ability to attach internal liners for warmth. Troops would wear ponchos over them in wet conditions. Today, some Filson field jackets are made with waxed cotton for increased weather resistance.

What are Field Jackets Good For?

Field jackets are durable, functional outer layers for use in the outdoors, and have become increasingly common as daily-wear jackets. Filson field jackets are designed for sportsmen and can be worn for hunting, exploring, or many other activities in the field.

Why Choose a Field Jacket from Filson?

Filson field jackets are backed by our heritage of making rugged outdoor clothing that extends back well over a century. Whether made from decades-proven waxed cotton or innovative waterproof fabrics, Filson field jackets are purpose-built for sportsmen and explorers. Filson field jackets are much more than a look, they are the real deal.

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