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Rugged Goose Down Puffer Jackets

What are Down Coats?

Goose down coats are ideal for staying warm in cold weather. They are insulated with the soft under-plumage that protects waterfowl from frigid temperatures. Not to be confused with the stiffer exterior goose feathers, down consists of soft and compressible spherical-shaped clusters which excel in trapping warm air. Goose down outerwear is a great choice for backpacking or mountaineering because its compressibility allows it to be packed into very tight spaces. Down jackets should not be compressed during long-term storage, they should be hung with plenty of air space around them.

What is Fill Power in Jackets?

The amount of insulation in a lightweight down jacket largely determines its warmth. Fill power is a completely different measurement, quantifying the down’s ability to compress and spring back to its original loft. Higher fill power is indicative of higher-quality down, though that comes with a higher price. In a jacket made from heavy-duty fabric that isn’t intended to be compressed, high fill-power down would be a wasted expense since its compressibility would never be challenged. Fill power is not a measure of a coat’s warmth – a jacket with a large quantity of low fill-power down can be warmer than another jacket with a small quantity of high fill-power down.

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