Rugged Twill

  1. Rugged Twill Original Briefcase
  2. Journeyman Backpack
  3. Large Rugged Twill Duffle Bag
  4. Rugged Twill Belt Pouch
  5. Small Rugged Twill Duffle Bag
  6. Rugged Twill Tote Bag with Zipper
  7. Medium Rugged Twill Duffle Bag
  8. Rugged Twill Travel Kit
  9. Rugged Twill Cruiser Jacket
  10. Rugged Twill Log Carrier
  11. Rugged Twill Outfitter Wallet
  12. Rugged Twill Tote Bag
  13. Large Rugged Twill Rucksack
  14. Rugged Twill Scoped Gun Case
  15. Medium Rugged Twill Duffle Bag
  16. Rugged Twill Packer Wallet
  17. Rugged Twill Outfitter Card Wallet
  18. Rugged Twill Unscoped Gun Case
  19. Medium Rugged Twill Field Bag
  20. Rugged Twill Luggage Tag


Rugged Twill: Legendary Abrasion Resistance

Rugged Twill is exceptionally strong and dense 100% cotton twill. The tightly woven material is finished with a dry-wax treatment that dramatically increases its water resistance and adds further durability. In testing, our Rugged Twill has demonstrated tear strength in excess of 1,400 pounds. It takes specialized equipment to produce this fabric, and our suppliers are England’s oldest and best. While not strictly waterproof, customers have reported their gear staying dry in our Medium Rugged Twill Duffle after sitting several hours in the bottom of a wave-swamped canoe. That level of water resistance assures that devices and files will be safe through any weather in our Original Briefcase. Filson Rugged Twill bags are built with the highest-quality materials and manufacturing to ensure they live up to our legacy of unfailing goods.

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