Fishing Vests

Our fishing vests and packs keep gear organized and close at hand. Built from quality materials in designs to match your fishing style.

  1. Tin Cloth Fishing Pack
  2. Mesh Fishing Strap Vest
  3. Fishing Chest Pack
  4. Compact Fishing Waist Pack
  5. Fishing Guide Vest

Gear Organization for the Way You Fish

What to Look for in a Fishing Vest

A vest should be comfortable, durable, and carry gear in an organized manner. Pockets should be well-placed for easy access. Too high on the chest, and it’s hard to see the zippers or contents. Too low, and they’ll drag in the water when wading deep. There should be small pockets for the tools and supplies you’ll need on the water. Attachment points for tethers, lanyards, or zingers are very helpful. The fit should allow for comfort in T-shirt weather and over warm layers in cooler weather.

What Size Vest Do I Need?

Filson fishing vests are made in sizes Regular and Super. They are not form-fitting, and each fits a range of body sizes. If your shirt or coat size is small, medium, or large, choose a size Regular vest. If you’re a large, ex-large or larger, choose a size Super vest.

Should I Choose a Fishing Vest or Pack?

The traditional fishing vest has many pockets for fly boxes and a variety of tools and accessories. An angler can pursue any fish anywhere with this style of vest. For minimalist fishing or comfort in hot weather, a chest or waist pack is ideal. For deep wading, choose a chest pack. Waist packs make it easier to add or remove layers as the weather changes.

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