Yellowstone Country

  1. Tin Cloth Short Lined Cruiser Jacket
  2. Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt
  3. Alaskan Guide Shirt
  4. Dry Tin Cloth 5-pocket Pants
  5. Moleskin Seattle Shirt
  6. Oil Tin Cloth Vest
  7. Tin Cloth Insulated Work Vest
  8. Stetson Wolf Canyon Hat
  9. Bird & Trout Knife
  10. Mackinaw Wool Western Vest
  11. Original Goatskin Gloves
  12. Down Cruiser Vest
  13. Original Lined Goatskin Gloves
  14. Rail-Splitter Selvedge Jeans
  15. Mackinaw Wool Work Jacket
  16. Tin Cloth Field Jacket
  17. Oil Finish Double Tin Cloth Bibs
  18. Double Tin Cloth Chaps with Zipper
  19. Mackinaw Wool Bibs


Outfitting Ranchers for Over a Century

What Jacket Does Rip Wheeler Wear on Yellowstone?

On TV’s Yellowstone, Rip Wheeler’s jacket is a Filson Short Lined Cruiser, and many scenes also show John and Beth Dutton wearing Filson coats

Filson has outfitted prospectors, lumbermen, and real-life ranchers for more than a century. On ranches in rugged country like the Rockies, men’s clothing is chosen for its ability to stand up to hard work in tough conditions. We don’t pay for product placement on the show and are honored that Filson is so well-represented in Yellowstone’s clothing line.

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