Celebrating 110 years

On March 3, 1914, the C.C. Filson Co. Wool Cruising
Shirt received its U.S. patent. The rest is history.
Honoring a legend 110 years in the making.

  1. Tin Cloth Short Lined Cruiser Jacket
  2. Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket
  3. Down Cruiser Vest
  4. Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket
  5. Women's Mackinaw Cruiser
  6. Roughout Leather Short Cruiser Jacket
  7. Mackinaw Wool Insulated Cruiser Jacket
  8. Down Cruiser Jacket
  9. Women's Long Mackinaw Cruiser
  10. Lined Denim Short Cruiser Jacket
  11. Down Cruiser Parka
  12. Shearling Cruiser Vest
  13. Filson Hockey Mackinaw Wool Cruiser
  14. Long Mackinaw Wool Cruiser

Cruisers of Filson's Modern Era

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