1. Granite Mountain 6" Shorts
  2. Granite Mountain 9" Shorts
  3. Field Cargo Shorts
  4. Dry Tin Cloth Shorts
  5. Granite Mountain Pull On Shorts
  6. Eagle Harbor Shorts
  7. Eagle Harbor Trunks
  8. Green River Water Shorts
  9. Cooper Lake Trunks
  10. Dry Falls Shorts

Durable Shorts for the Water and Wilderness

Work shorts, gym shorts, swim trunks, or cargo shorts–you may ask what are the differences. Just as a saw is a tool for cutting in a line and a drill is a tool for cutting a narrow hole, each pair of Filson shorts is optimized for the end use. The Dry Tin canvas shorts from the Filson archives are exceptionally rugged, and hold a reputation as being the most durable men’s work shorts available.

Working out lives on the opposite end of the spectrum, where lightweight flexibility is a high priority, so Filson collaborated with Ten Thousand for gym shorts that perform well in the hardest workout sessions.

For hiking, fishing and general outdoor use, various Filson styles of canvas shorts combine durability, midweight comfort, and the pockets to keep essentials close at hand.

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