Canvas Pants

Filson canvas pants are made from premium materials for superior protection and durability. Available in different weights to match the conditions, the tight weave of Filson canvas creates high-density fabrics with lower bulk and greater longevity.

  1. Tin Cloth Upland Brush Pants
  2. Dry Tin Cloth 5-pocket Pants
  3. Oil Finish Single Tin Cloth Pants
  4. Draftsman Canvas Pants
  5. Safari Cloth Pants
  6. Oil Finish Double Tin Cloth Pants
  7. Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants
  8. Foul Weather Rain Pants
  9. Insulated Tin Cloth Pants
  10. Upland Brush Pants
  11. Shelter Cloth Brush Pants
  12. Dry Tin Utility 5 Pocket
  13. Dry Tin Cloth Utility 5 Pocket Pants

Canvas Pants Built with Purpose

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a type of plain weave fabric. In weaving canvas, horizontal weft yarns cross over and under vertical warp yarns with the crossover points aligned, creating a symmetrical checkerboard-like pattern. Weaving canvas with thick yarns creates a heavier, coarser fabric while finer yarns yield a smoother canvas that is more flexible. Canvas differs from twill weaves, in which the over/under crossing points are offset, creating a diagonal rib through the weave.

How Durable is Canvas?

Quality, tightly woven canvas is durable, with high tear strength and abrasion resistance. The tightness of weave separates Filson canvas from lesser fabrics. When treated with our waxed finishes, Filson canvas such as Tin Cloth and Shelter Cloth are also extremely water-resistant.

Caring for Canvas Pants

Filson waxed canvas should be wiped or brushed clean, never washed or dry-cleaned. Filson unwaxed canvas, such as Dry Tin Cloth, can be machine washed in cool water and tumble-dried at a low temperature. Different types of canvas may vary in their recommended care, so individual product labels should be followed.

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