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Enduring Backpacks for Every Occasion

What are Filson Backpacks and Rucksacks Made From?

Filson makes backpacks with natural heritage fabrics such as waxed cotton, as well as tough Cordura® nylon. The cotton Rugged Twill used in our backpacks is lightly treated with a dry-wax finish that is quite water resistant. The Tin Cloth in Filson packs is the heavily-waxed cotton canvas that’s protected foresters and sportsmen in the rainy Pacific Northwest for more than a century.

How to Choose a Filson Backpack?

Filson backpacks are all sized for day trips rather than long-term expeditions. The main factor to consider when choosing among them is deciding which materials you prefer. Our natural waxed-cottons are made from a renewable resource and have an amazing heritage behind them. Our packs made with Cordura® nylon are the best choice for maximum abrasion resistance and ease of care.

Caring for Filson Bags

Filson waxed cotton backpacks should not be washed or spot-cleaned, as detergents will strip the wax from the fabric and reduce its water resistance. Simply brush or wipe off dirt, and let the waxed cotton develop its unique character and patina. Filson nylon backpacks should be brushed or wiped clean, and can be spot-cleaned if needed.

Why Choose a Filson?

Filson has manufactured high-quality, durable, and functional outdoor clothing and gear for well over a century, and that experience is applied to every backpack Filson makes. Only the best materials are used and the manufacturing meets exacting standards.

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