1. Dryden Backpack
  2. Dryden Briefcase
  3. 24 Hour Tin Cloth Briefcase
  4. Medium Rugged Twill Duffle Bag
  5. Rugged Twill Original Briefcase
  6. 48 Hour Tin Cloth Duffle Bag
  7. Journeyman Backpack
  8. Medium Rugged Twill Duffle Bag
  9. Rugged Twill Tote Bag with Zipper
  10. Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle
  11. Tin Cloth Tote Bag with Zipper
  12. Dry Backpack
  13. Rugged Twill Tote Bag With Zipper
  14. Medium Dry Duffle Bag
  15. Oil Finish Excursion Bag
  16. Rugged Twill Belt Pouch
  17. Backpack Dry Bag
  18. Heritage Sportsman Bag
  19. Small Dry Bag
  20. Large Dry Duffle Bag

Unfailing Luggage & Bags

Introduced over thirty years ago, The Filson assortment of bags includes canvas backpacks, dry bags, duffles, briefcases, tote bags, dopp kits, and more. Whether it’s a messenger bag for bouncing between the office and the jobsite, a high-capacity duffle for an extended fishing expedition, or anything in between, there’s a durable Filson bag built for decades of service.

Our classic, original bags are made with all-natural materials including industrial-strength Rugged Twill and saddle-grade Bridle Leather. Our waterproof dry bags are built with heavy-duty TPU-coated nylon and RF-welded seams. This is the same construction used to make  whitewater rafts, ensuring permanent waterproof integrity.

For lighter-weight options, our Tin Cloth waxed-canvas backpacks and bags are made with the same durable and weather-resistant fabric that has protected foresters and sportsmen in the rain-soaked forests of the Pacific Northwest for decades. Filson dopp kits keep your shaving needs and toiletries organized and protected while traveling the roughest paths.

The versatility of a tote bag is unrivalled, for anything from a day at the sporting clays range or carrying extra layers in the drift boat. Available in waterproof dry-bag material and waxed cotton fabrics, Filson totes feature handles long enough to slip over a shoulder for hands-free use.

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