Knives & Tools

  1. Brass Lockback Pocket Knife
  2. Smooth Bone Slip-Joint Knife
  3. Bird & Trout Knife
  4. Mesquite Professional Lockback Knife
  5. Lock Box with Key
  6. Mesquite Lockback Knife
  7. Mechanic's Box with Removable Tray
  8. Skinner Fixed-Blade Knife
  9. Standard Toolbox with Removable Tray
  10. Assisted Opening Knife
  11. Filson x Graycloud Fin & Feather Fillet Knife
  12. Filson x Graycloud Scout Knife

Purpose-Built Knives for the Outdoors

The first step to purchasing a knife is deciding what its primary function will be and which features make a knife best-suited for that purpose. The Filson blade shop has knives and knife accessories purpose-built for outdoors applications, each knife built for a lifetime of utility.

Discover our assortment of high-carbon stainless steel knives built in the USA, including camping knives, fishing knives, pockets knives, lockback knives and more. Corrosion-resistant steels and durable blade coatings protect Filson knives from rust, even in saltwater use. Our camping knives include our Bird and Trout Knife, which can go in your pack or vest or on your belt and is the ideal size and shape for dressing small game.

For a simple pocket knife, the Smooth Bone Slip-Joint Pocket Knife is simple to open and close, perfect for everyday carry and a variety of small cutting tasks. For a truly compact lockback pocket knife, our Brass Lockback Pocket Knife boasts outstanding edge retention and develops a beautiful patina with use.

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