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Unfailing Beanies and Watch Caps

What are Beanies and Watch Caps?

Watch caps and beanies are round, close-fitting knit hats. One theory about where beanies get their name is that a slang term for the head is “bean.” The name watch cap derives from the caps worn by sailors on watch in the military. Watch caps normally fit closer to the head and have a simple, utilitarian appearance.

What Materials are Filson Beanies Constructed With?

The original Filson Watch Cap Beanie is made with pure wool, the fabric of choice for outdoor warmth for centuries. No other material insulates dry or wet like our wool. We also make beanies with 100% acrylic, a great option for those with wool allergies. To get the best of both worlds, our Lined Ragg Wool beanie is made with a wool blend exterior and features an acrylic lining.

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