1. Logger Mesh Cap
  2. Tin Cloth Bush Hat
  3. Tin Cloth Packer Hat
  4. Oil Tin Low-profile Logger Cap
  5. Washed Low-profile Logger Cap
  6. Lightweight Angler Cap
  7. Twin Falls Travel Hat
  8. Summer Packer Hat
  9. Insulated Packer Hat
  10. Dry Tin Cloth Logger Mesh Cap
  11. Twin Falls Travel Hat
  12. Insulated Packer Hat
  13. Oil Tin Logger Cap
  14. Dry Tin Cloth Low-profile Logger Cap
  15. Stetson Wolf Canyon Hat
  16. Twin Falls Travel Hat
  17. Watch Cap Beanie
  19. Tin Cloth Packer Hat
  20. Oil Tin Low-profile Logger Cap

A Hat for Every Adventure

Choose from one of our men’s hats like the Mesh Logger Cap or others made with Feather Cloth, washed Cotton Twill, waterproof laminated fabrics, and more.

Keep your face and neck shaded with one of our men’s hats for fishing like the Twin Falls Travel Hat. These hats are made with our signature dry finish Cover Cloth with a UPF rating of 50+ for warm-weather sun protection and lightweight comfort in the heat.

Or shield your head with one of our wool caps or Tin Cloth Hoods. Many of our men’s hats for cold weather offer ear protection and an insulated crown.

Our unfailing hats are built with only the finest materials for their intended use–to keep you comfortable in any weather, our purpose since 1897. 

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