Tin Cloth

Born from the need to protect forestry workers
from thorns and briars in the rain-soaked Pacific
Northwest wilderness, our oil finish Tin Cloth has
also gained a reliable following from sportsmen
and tradesmen who need water-repellent,
abrasion-resistant outerwear.

Dubbed “Tin Cloth” by loggers in the Pacific Northwest because it protected them from sharp limbs and saw blades like a set of armor. The water-repellent canvas also kept them dry during the rainy season, where one might work for weeks under constant rainfall.

I work as a forest tech
in northern bc

”I work as a forest tech in northern BC so 75%
of my year is spent in the bush. I haven't found
a jacket that can hold up to the elements
better than this coat. Good water proofing,
great wind-proofing and unreal durability. This
jacket can handle all of the elements
and scrub brush with ease.”


How tin cloth
is made

Milled in Scotland, our oil finish Tin Cloth is a tightly woven canvas duck fabric that’s saturated with a liquefied paraffin-wax and oil mixture under heat and high pressure. This forces the wax into the core of the all-natural cotton fibers for thorough, lasting protection from wind, water and abrasion.

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