Game Meat: Start to Finish

Game Meat: Start to Finish

We hunt for exploration. We hunt for tradition and heritage. We hunt for the love of open fields and steep mountains. The actual act of killing an animal is really only a small part of the story. For most of the days of big-game-hunting season, you go out and you don’t kill an animal. You put miles on your boots and glass hillsides and slopes for days. So when a tag is filled, congratulations are in order. And if it’s an especially large creature, one who’s outsmarted hunters for years, then grins are a little bigger and pats on the back are a little heftier. The truth is once you pull the trigger, the real work begins. And if you’re hunting for
meat instead of trophies, then it’s a part of ...

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Season Reflection: The Winter Hunt

As the first weeks of spring begin to awaken familiar landscapes, the days of crisp fall air and winter hunts are over. On the latest Filson Life, Nashville-based photographer Yve Assad and writer Will Fulford reflect on past seasons in anticipation for the next.

Hunting is a southern tradition, a rite of passage.  Marksmanship and gun safety are taught through the irons sights of a BB gun on empty cans and the occasional house sparrow that lingers a bit too long. Yep, a boy and his BB gun are pretty much king of the world as he sees it.  You progress through the various small game, squirrels and rabbits, until you graduate to big game.  For most in the South, that means whitetail deer.  

At ...

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Way of Life: Westcott Bay Shellfish Co.

Erik and Andrea Anderson greet us like old friends as we walk onto their dock stretching out into Westcott Bay off San Juan Island in Washington. As at any family-run farm, their hands-on approach is obvious at first glance. Andrea sets down her pressure washer and takes a break from the farm chores with Erik to show us around.

The clouds hang low and the stormy sky begins to gently rain.

The shellfish farm nestles in a vibrant green nook tucked inside Westcott Bay — an ideal location for shellfish growth, with a nearby creek flowing into the bay freshening the water and helping algae thrive.

Andrea and Erik’s passion for their unique natural resource is infectious. Walking us through the proce...

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Stewards To The Land

Stewards To The Land

Spring brings about the liveliest changing of seasons, from the hibernation periods of winter into new growth for the summer ahead. This time of the year also serves as a reminder to waterfowl hunters that we must commit our own time to the stewardship of nature, which serves to produce those bounties we are so fortunate to chase in winter. For those opportunities to remain available to future generations, it is our duty to also serve as conservationists to the land. Even a task as small as the construction of wood duck boxes in your local grounds serves to play a role in continuing our fine traditions of hunting in the outdoors.

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Trade Stories: Kiliii Yuyan of Seawolf Kayak

Seattle-based kayak-builder and photographer, Kiliii Yuyan, spends much of his time either paddling the waters of the Pacific Northwest or documenting indigenous communities of the North. His skills are helping to return traditional knowledge of the skin-on-frame kayak and umiaq to the first builders. On the latest Filson Life, Kiliii Yuyan of Seawolf Kayak shares with us his journey towards preserving Nanai heritage on the water.  

Story by Kiliii Yuyan

Something bumped my kayak from behind. Bump. More like nudged. Nudge.

I turned around as best as I could in my seat and watched as an orca calf nudged the boat again. Then it rolled into the water and darted under me. I could feel the pressure...

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Bringing Fish to the River with Chef Kevin Davis

For Seattle chef Kevin Davis of Steelhead Diner and his crew of charismatic anglers known as the “Good Guys," catching fish on the river is seen as a plus, but being out in nature with close friends is what really matters. 

Over the last decade, Kevin, Steve Joyce, and Mark Kane have spent time together on rivers like the Yakima, camping, cooking, and helping each other through the joyous times as well as the tough. When they’re out in nature, Kane relates that “the weight of the day, or the month, or the year, is lifted. As soon as you step in the water, you’re cleansed.” 

I join the Good Guys as they put in at Umptanum on a warm gray day, a few casts are made alongside jokes and the swift-mo...
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Forging Ahead: A Conversation with Jimmy DiResta

On the latest Filson Life, photographer Brian-William Green shares a rare look inside Jimmy DiResta's workspace located in the Lower East Side. DiResta has been part of the growing neighborhood since 1994. Firsthand seeing the city change as his operation revolved through storefronts around downtown Manhattan. 

In anticipation of the upcoming Filson NYC: Mallet Making and Whiskey Event with Jimmy DiResta, we sat down with the New York based artist and master builder, discussing everything from everything from his Youtube channel to working on bringing his Manhattan studio to the Catskills in Upstate New York.  

Interview by Michael Murphy 
Photography by Brian-William Green 

Murphy: How did this...

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Risk & Resilience: The Language of Horses

Story by Jainee Dial of WYLDER
Photography by Abbi and Callen Hearne

There is a secret language that exists between horses and humans. Voices hold no value, and there is instead, a palpable yet quiet communication between animal and rider. Volumes of silent dialogue are conveyed through body language.

As prey animals, horses are constantly on guard for predators. Given the choice, they would always rather run than fight. This is not a learned behavior; evolution has provided them with this instinct. If something scares them, they try to leave and will only fight if they are cornered and have no other option.

Fight or flight.

We all know this dilemma and I have been playing out these two options i...Read More

Story by Lindsey Elliott of WYLDER
Photography by Abbi and Callen Hearne 

Over the last two years, I’ve spent the majority of my time pursuing uncertainty in the mountain west. From the time I got my first fly rod, eight months passed along the rivers of Montana, Colorado, California, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho before I caught a single fish. I’ve stalked through the Wasatch Mountains of Utah in search of Mule Deer, walked the fields of Kansas trying to kick up birds, traversed the slopes behind my grandparents house stalking turkeys with my bow, and have forayed into business by starting a company for the modern outdoorswoman, called Wylder. The only thing left predictable is the five minutes eve...

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Depth in The Field: Diving Deep with Alyssa Adler - Part III

On the latest Filson Life, marine biologist Alyssa Adler shares with us her love of underwater exploration and polar diving as Undersea Specialist at Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic on Part III of our three-part series, Depth in the Field: Diving Deep with Alyssa Adler. 

Story by Alyssa Adler 
Photography by Alyssa Adler and Ryder Redfield

Submerged to 40 feet depth my two dive buddies and I sat kneeling to film a crinoid, an ancient ancestor to the sea star which hasn’t evolved for millennia. Crinoids are nearly alien creatures, without complex vision but equipped with the ability to flee from potential predators by whirling their five arms against the water, allowing them to swim to ...

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