Short Sleeve Shirts

  1. Washed Short Sleeve Feather Cloth Shirt
  2. Short Sleeve Embroidered Pocket T-Shirt
  3. Rustic Short Sleeve Camp Shirt
  4. 210G Merino Wool Short Sleeve Crewneck
  5. Frontier Henley T-shirt
  6. Twin Lakes Short Sleeve Sport Shirt
  7. Frontier Graphic T-shirt
  8. Frontier Graphic T-shirt
  9. Frontier Graphic T-shirt
  10. Kyler Martz Graphic T-shirt
  11. Kyler Martz Graphic T-shirt

Short Sleeve Button-Ups and T-Shirts

Since our start in 1897, Filson’s been known for warm, durable canvas and flannel shirts for the outdoors. Our assortment of short-sleeve shirts makes our trusted reliability available for year-round comfort. Filson button-up short-sleeve shirts come in various fabric weights, and are available in classic plaids, solid colors, and bold prints to fit any mood or environment.

An everyday wardrobe staple, our 100% cotton Pioneer long-sleeve and short-sleeve T-shirts are made in America and available in solid colors with a chest pocket or with custom graphics designed in-house by Filson artists. Filson men’s shirts are made with a relaxed fit that promotes air flow for breathable comfort in warmer weather.

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