Plaid Shirts

  1. Alaskan Guide Shirt
  2. Vintage Flannel Work Shirt
  3. Field Flannel Shirt
  4. Elk Heights Camp Shirt
  5. Northwest Wool Shirt
  6. Flannel Service Shirt
  7. Buckner Wool Camp Shirt
  8. Vintage Flannel Quarter Zip Shirt
  9. Seattle Wool Jac-shirt
  10. Seattle Wool Jac-Shirt
  11. Short Sleeve Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt
  12. Mackinaw Wool Jac-shirt
  13. Filson X Freeman Weathervane Shirt
  14. Twin Lakes Short Sleeve Sport Shirt
  15. Mackinaw Wool Jac-Shirt
  16. Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt

Plaid Button Ups in Flannel & Wool

What is the Difference Between Plaid and Flannel Shirts?

While the terms plaid and flannel are often used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. Plaid describes a pattern with repeating square or rectangular blocks of colors. Flannel is a fabric with its surface brushed to create softness. Flannel fabric can be wool or cotton, in solid colors or patterns.

What is the Difference Between Plaid, Tartan, and Buffalo Check?

Tartan and buffalo check patterns are types of plaids. Buffalo plaids typically incorporate two colors in larger blocks and are often thought of as a rustic, chunky plaid. True tartan is a 2x2 twill weave in more complex patterns with multiple colors, often including stripes of various widths. Tartan fabrics originated in Scotland and were identified with specific clans or communities. Buffalo and tartan can be thought of as opposing ends of a spectrum of plaid patterns.

Where Does Filson Get its Plaid Patterns?

A lot of thought goes into developing Filson plaid shirts. We search for vintage plaids with interesting patterns, and have our weavers duplicate or modify them. The colors within the plaids are chosen to complement each other as well as the other colors in our product line.

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