1. Alaskan Guide Shirt
  2. Field Flannel Shirt
  3. Watch Cap Beanie
  4. Alaskan Guide Shirt - Extra Long
  5. Waffle Knit Henley
  6. 1970's Logger Thermal Socks
  7. Granite Spire Fleece Pullover
  8. Fingerless Knit Gloves
  9. Ballard Watch Cap
  10. Logger Mesh Cap
  11. Everyday Crew Socks
  12. Full Finger Knit Gloves
  13. Original Lined Goatskin Gloves
  14. Moleskin Seattle Shirt
  15. Filson X Danner Trail 2650 Hiker Boots
  16. X Country Outdoorsman Socks
  18. 210G Merino Wool Short Sleeve Crewneck
  19. Brass Lockback Pocket Knife
  20. Smokey Bear Ballard Watch Cap

Gear for Hunting & Fishing

Who are Sportsmen?

A sportsman is one who hunts or fishes in any number of ways. Sportsmen can troll offshore for enormous billfish or toss dry flies in mountain streams for pan-sized trout. They might stalk bucks in the forest with a longbow or call mallards over decoys in marshlands. While species and habitats vary greatly, the thing all sportsmen have in common is a passion to be outdoors in pursuit of fish and game.

Filson's Legacy in Outfitting Sportsmen

Filson has equipped sportsmen with protective and functional clothing for well over a century. Our original hunting jacket was introduced for bird hunters in 1912. Our 1914-patented Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket was designed for foresters, and soon became a go-to favorite for deer hunters in the Pacific Northwest. Filson upland hunting vests have been a staple for wing shooters since at least 1922. We’ve received testimonies of Filson sportsmen pulling their grandfathers’ 50-year-old Tin Cloth hunting vests from the garage for the opener of pheasant season. Outfitting sportsmen with durable, functional hunting gear and clothing is a foundational part of Filson’s heritage.

Filson's Sportsmen's Products

Filson offers many products purpose-built for fishing and bird hunting. We manufacture classic and contemporary fishing vests using cotton canvas and lightweight ripstop nylon. Our Rugged Twill bags are as durable as they come, and our dry bags are made from TPU-coated nylon with RF-welded seams for lasting waterproof protection. We make waterproof raincoats engineered for the angler, as well as lightweight, packable rain jackets that are equally useful when fishing or hunting.

Our hunting vests are made specifically for the upland hunter in leading-edge designs as well as traditional favorites that have stood the test of time. Our brush pants for hunting are available in multiple weights, feature reinforced fronts, and come in both dry and waxed cotton fabrics. Our jackets for hunters include general-use jackets such the Tin Cloth Field Jacket, or those made specifically for upland (3-Layer Field Jacket) or waterfowl hunting (Skagit Waterfowl Jacket).

Many traditional hunters prefer wool over modern synthetics for its quiet, odorless weather protection in the woods. Filson Mackinaw Wool Jackets and Pants excel in this role, and they will continue to keep you warm even when they get wet. Filson also makes insulated jackets and vests for sportsmen. Some are designed specifically for a particular sporting application, such as the Down Jacket Liner in Blaze Orange for upland hunters. On the other hand, many are all-purpose products that are useful for a wide variety of sporting activities, such as our Ultralight Jackets and Vests. For hunting and fishing in warm conditions, we offer shirts made from lightweight 100% cotton and ultralight synthetic materials that wick moisture and dry quickly.

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