Citronella Candle

Citronella Candle

Long-lasting candle that repels mosquitoes.

Long-lasting candle that repels mosquitoes.

Our Citronella Candle is infused with essential oil that repels pesky insects. A couple of them burning on the porch, in the tent or the lakeshore will make warm summer evenings much more pleasant without those blood-sucking mosquitoes hounding you. Made in Seattle by Good & Well Supply Company with all-natural soy wax for a clean burn that lasts 80 hours. The tin container features a press-on lid for storage between uses. Limited quantities available.


Made with all-natural soy wax

Infused with insect-repelling citronella essential oils

80-hour burn time

Custom tin container with press-on lid


SKU: 20219440
Made in USA
Material: Tin + soy wax + essential oils

Item No.



4"H x 3"W

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