Crewneck Guide Sweater

Crewneck Guide Sweater

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A soft, knit wool sweater that offers breathable warmth and natural rain repellency.

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Made in the USA, the Filson Crewneck Guide sets the standard for what a sweater should be–non-bulky, with a smooth finish and density that makes it exceptionally warm and durable. With ample stretch and outstanding breathability, our Crewneck Guide Sweater would be unnoticeable to wear, if not for its exceptional warmth. The rib-knit collar, cuffs and hem ensure a custom fit and retain their shape year after year.

The U.S. -sourced wool is sourced from U.S. from merino sheep prized for their long, fine fleece with a wavy crimp that results in a fabric that’s soft and sturdy, with natural memory and shape retention. Merino wool fibers are an incredibly complex structure, with thousands of tiny filaments sheathed within overlapping scales that are naturally water repellent. This allows water to bead up on the surface. Any moisture that does penetrate the fiber is wicked to the tips and evaporates away. This capillary action is what allows wool to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water without feeling damp or clammy.

This fine merino fleece is twisted into extremely tight, firm yarns before knitting, which creates the surprising density and smooth, non-scratchy surface that wears like iron. Sure, we could make it lighter and not so hearty, but then it wouldn’t be a Filson Crewneck Guide Sweater.

  • Made in USA with U.S.-sourced merino wool
  • Tightly-spun yards for density, warmth and durability
  • Naturally breathable
  • Insulates even when wet
  • Rib-knit collar, cuffs and hem
  • Resists pilling
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Made in USA

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