Seattle Wool Jac-shirt


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A warm overshirt made with 100% virgin wool.

Introduced some fifty years ago, the Filson Shirt Jacket serves as a heavy shirt, overshirt, insulating layer, or light jacket. It has protected more outdoorsmen in a wider range of conditions than we could begin to count.

Sewn in our Washington factory, our original Jac-Shirt is an outdoor staple that provides warmth in all conditions like only 100% wool can. The 18-oz. fabric is crafted with a tight weave that delivers an optimum balance of breathability and wind resistance, while providing durability for decades of service. Wool has a complex fiber structure that makes it naturally water-resistant, moisture-wicking and warm even if it gets wet. Wool also resists odors, making care and maintenance a simple affair. Despite science's best efforts, to date no man-made material can provide the all-around performance of nature’s original miracle-fiber.

Our Jac-Shirt has a straight hem for untucked wear. Being designed active use, it's cut with room to move without binding when worn over a shirt or heavy base layers. The two chest pockets feature buttons that are hidden, so they don’t show with the pockets unbuttoned.

  • Sewn in USA
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Insulates dry or wet
  • Serves as an overshirt, mid-layer or light jacket
  • Flap-covered chest pockets with hidden buttons
  • A Filson favorite for over 50 years
sku 20266729
manufacturing Made in USA with imported material.
material 18-oz./LY 100% Seattle Wool
care Dry clean only
FIT INTENT Relaxed fit allows room for light layers underneath. Size Expectations

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