1. Tin Cloth Insulated Work Vest
  2. Buckland Down Vest
  3. Tin Cloth Primaloft® Vest
  4. Mackinaw Wool Vest
  5. Denim Insulated Work Vest
  6. Down Cruiser Vest
  7. Mackinaw Wool Western Vest
  8. Tin Cloth Game Bag
  9. Lined Mackinaw Wool Work Vest
  10. Ultralight Vest
  11. Oil Tin Cloth Vest
  12. Lightweight Shooting Vest
  13. Upland Guide Strap Vest
  14. Sherpa Fleece Vest
  15. Mackinaw Wool Vest Liner
  16. Jacquard Wool Vest
  17. Shearling Cruiser Vest
  18. Mackinaw Wool Vest Liner
  19. Fishing Guide Vest
  20. Filson x Governor Baxter Reversible Vest

Dependable Vests for Men

Filson vests are trusted by hunters, ranchers, anglers and loggers — any sportsman or tradesman requiring dependable utility and easy layering. Our men’s vests are purpose-built for their intended application using the best materials and construction. In the workshop or the field, Filson vests outsmart the elements, performing their job with unfailing reliability.

A cornerstone in our array of vests, the Mackinaw Wool vest has delivered unmatched versatility, functionality and utility for more than half a century. The locally-sourced all-natural wool provides low-bulk, breathable warmth, dry or wet.

For core warmth in the frigid weather, Filson vests are insulated with goose down or cutting-edge synthetics that mimic down’s warmth and compressibility. Our Down Cruiser Vest filled with responsibly-sourced goose down, nature’s warmest and lightest insulation.

For work or field vests, hunting, down or fleece vests, Filson’s toolbox is filled with vests ideally engineered for your specific application.

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