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​​Men’s Insulated Jackets: Nature’s Warmest and Scientifically-Engineered Cold-Weather Solutions

Insulated jackets have but one purpose–keeping you warm no matter how cold the weather. Traditionally, a goose-down-insulated jacket has been the first answer to lightweight warmth in frigid weather, and it remains an outstanding choice. Many factors contribute to the effectiveness of down-insulated jacket: the quality of the down, lightness of weight vs. durability of the shell material and how the down is held in place are but a few factors. When considering Filson’s Featherweight Down Jacket, men and women can be assured it’s filled with generous amounts of high-loft, compressible goose down that’s responsibly-harvested and processed with processes friendly to the environment. The shell fabric is low-low bulk and lightweight, to take advantage of down’s natural compressibility, and the down-proof lining prevents the insulation from escaping. The DWR treatment helps keep the down dry so it can continue to insulate in damp conditions.
For maximum versatility in high-exertion action or less-frigid weather, our Quilted Pack Jackets and Ultralight insulated Jackets and Vests are filled with PrimaLoft® Gold. This advanced synthetic insulation is engineered to mimic the outstanding insulating, lightweight and compressible properties of goose down, while retaining is insulating ability even if it gets wet. Worn alone or as an insulating layer under a Swiftwater Rain Jacket, these insulated jackets and vests provide the flexibility to adapt your layering system to whatever the weather conditions dictate.
The colder seasons offer some of the best outdoor recreation opportunities of the year–whether standing waist deep in a steelhead river, chasing upland game or snowshoeing across an alpine meadow. We can help you choose the best women’s or men’s insulated jacket for your next adventure.
Shop our range of insulated jackets so you’ll be prepared for any weather, any time of the year.

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