The product lifetime specifically refers to the time at which, through normal use, the product can no longer function in its intended purpose.

Our Guarantee Covers

• Failure of materials
• Failure of workmanship and craftsmanship
• Manufacturer defects
• Every item for the lifetime of the product

Not covered under our guarantee

Animal damage, chemical damage, damage caused by mishandling via airline or third-party shipping companies, extreme wear, third-party alterations and customer alterations, or using the item for use other than it’s intended purpose. Likewise, fluctuations in fit, abuse of the product, factory seconds, and disregard for the product care instructions are not covered. Due to the unique nature of Filson Restoration Bags and Old Wolf branded items they cannot replaced under our guarantee.

Our guarantee applies to all Filson items purchased through an authorized Filson retailer. Please note, every item is subject to an evaluation by our Repairs team. Filson and Shinola Watches - Please visit our Repairs Page to view full content regarding repairs and warranty guidlines.



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    What does “lifetime” mean?

    The lifetime guarantee specifically refers to the time at which, through normal use, the product can no longer function in its intended purpose.

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    What doesn’t the lifetime guarantee cover?

    Our guarantee covers the failure of materials or workmanship, including defects, discovered through normal wear. Excessive wear and tear, animal damage, abuse, misuse or neglect is not covered by our warranty. We also can't guarantee against accidents or damage incurred as a result of repairs, modifications or alterations done by a third party.

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    What is considered “general wear”?

    General wear is the natural breakdown of materials over a long period of normal usage. After years of wear, you may see a bit of fraying at the cuff. Eventually, the notch you always use on your belt may stretch. Once you've put enough miles on it, that luggage may show some scuffs on the corners that see a lot of traffic. This isn't a failure of materials or workmanship; it is simply the natural course of any well-built product. If a Filson item has served you well but is showing a lifetime of normal use, we hope you'll consider buying a replacement to last another lifetime.


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    What happens if I rip or tear my jacket, pants or bag?

    Our Repairs team will evaluate it. An item that has seen abuse, neglect, or use other than its intended purpose may not be covered under our warranty. Under any circumstance repair is always our preferred course of action. However, if after evaluating your item it is deemed not repairable, we will contact you via email to discuss your options.

    Repairs are made to preserve the strength and integrity of the product rather than have aesthetic appeal. If your damaged product requires a replacement or a gift card, please be advised that we will not return your original product to you.

    Any and all alterations or repairs done by yourself or a 3rd party will void your warranty.

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    Do alterations to products void my warranty?

    Any and all alterations or repairs done by yourself or a 3rd party will void your warranty.

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    What if I am not sure if my item is repairable under your guarantee?

    You are welcome to send the item in for evaluation by our Repairs Team. Unfortunately, we cannot determine through photos if the repair is possible, the item must first be received and evaluated at Filson. A Repair Representative will follow up with you to discuss your options.

    Please note, we reserve the right to send back dirty or soiled items. These items may damage our equipment and, in certain circumstances, present health concerns to our employees. Please thoroughly clean your item of any dirt, debris, fur, blood, feathers, mud, soot, and gunk before it is shipped. If your item is deemed too soiled to work on, we will return it to you for cleaning, and you may be required to send it back in at your own expense.


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    What if I don’t have an order number or it was given to me as a gift?

    Gift returns will be refunded either as Filson Credit, or as a refund to the original purchaser’s payment method.

    If you received a gift without an order number, please contact us. We will gladly assist you in locating purchase information for any order placed on Filson.com.

    We cannot process a return if no purchasing information is available.

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