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Baggage Claim

September 2014

Filson Medium Travel Bag $325. Read More

American Made: Filson

September 2014

At the close of the 19th century, Clinton C. Filson traveled west from Nebraska to Washington. His plan was to outfit prospectors during the Klondike gold rush, and he hit pay dirt himself with his eponymous company specializing in well-made outdoor gear. Read More

Outerwear & Base Layers

August 2014

Filson Stryker Being a bird hunter doesn't require you to dress like a goober. For the pretty boy in your blind, Filson Stryker has that cool, old-timey look, and it's functional too. Lightweight and easy to pack, the jacket has roomy cargos and insulated with 100 grams of... Read More

Made In the USA: 10 Homegrown Heritage Brands Cooler Than Any Import

August 19, 2014

There's something special about owning something with a story—not just a serial number—and I like the idea that even a well-loved pair of boots or piece of luggage can last a lifetime if it's made with care. Read More

Yoga, Ath-leisure Set to Pace Outdoor Sector

July 30, 2014

To differentiate itself from the competition in the outdoor market, Seattle-based Filson is following a strategy to rank its products as food, better and best. For the last category, it's offering C.C. Filson, a men's sub brand launching this fall with Nigel Cabourn at the design helm. Read More

Filson – Dry Bag Collection

July 21, 2014

As its simple name suggests, Filson's Dry Bag collection is lightweight, durable and fit for use in all weather conditions. The range comprises a messenger bag, backback, duffle backpack, duffle bag in medium and large sizes, and finally, a small rolltop bag with buckle handle. Read More

Filson Light Field Coat

July 16, 2014

Those (like me) who find Filson's Tin Cloth too stiff, heavy and hot will appreciate the company's new Shelter Cloth jacket. This lighter weight material cuts the coat's weight in half yet still provides heavy-duty protection, thanks in part to reinforced soy-cloth sleeves, pockets and a... Read More

Filson Builds the Perfect Camera Bag

June 18, 2016

The Filson Original Sportsman has been popular with photographers for years. It doesn't scream "steal me now," has all the right pockets, zips open at the top for easy access, and looks better the more beaten-to-hell it gets. Read More

Steve McCurry and Filson create the Ideal Camera Bag

May 15, 2014

When Filson approached famed photojournalist Steve McCurry about helping to design a camera bag, he immediately imagined building something, well, forgettable. He may be famous stateside, but McCurry keeps a low profile while on assignment, concealing lenses in non-descript bags. Read More

Filson Adds Urban Edge for NYC Store

May 7, 2014

FILSON, best known for its hunting and outdoors apparel, is the latest store to set up shop on Great Jones Street in the NoHo section of Manhattan. Read More

An outfitter of the Old West Expands Eastward

May 8, 2014

Since 1897 Filson has been the outdoorsman's outfitter of record in the Pasific Northwest. Read More

Necessities, Not Accessories: Camera Bags by Magnum Photographers

April 29, 2014

Magnum photographers Steve McCurry and David Alan Harvey are on a quest to solve a fundamental functionality roadblock in the world of professional photography. Read More

New Gear: Filson Low Wader Pants

April 7, 2014

The convenience factor is one of the reasons why we think you'll like Filson's Pro Guide Low Wader Pants. Read More

Factory Tour Filson, Seattle

April 7, 2014

These days, plenty of companies in the United States are touting their status as heritage brands, as is the current fashion, but markedly few who can claim the kind of pride of place that Filson can: Since the outdoor apparel label was founded in Seattle back in 1897, it's never moved more... Read More

Filson + Magnum's Cmaera-ready Collaboration

April 21, 2014

Despite the continuing loss of life the calling somehow manages to absorb, photojournalism – and in particular war photography – is currently enjoying a degree of recognition even its most famous practitioners would acknowledge is a little overdue. Read More

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