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Filson Rain Jackets

We oil-finish and seam-seal our rain jackets and use waxed canvas, Shelter Cloth and other rainproof, water-repellent materials to shield you from the elements.


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  • Down Cruiser
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    Down Cruiser

    No. 11010652
    A medium-weight winter jacket with goose down insulation, water-repellent reinforcement on the shoulders and sleeves and a standing wool-lined collar
  • All-Season Rain Coat in Orca Gray
    More Colors Available

    All-Season Rain Coat

    No. 11010695
    A rain-repellent, lined coat with attached hood, drawcord-adjustable waist and seam-free shoulders
  • Polson Field Jacket in Coyote Brown
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    Polson Field Jacket

    No. 20019780
    A lightweight, versatile, all-season field jacket. Outfitted with expandable bellows pockets for shells and accessories.
  • Filson Trench Coat in Olive Brown
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    Trench Coat

    No. 20018928
    A three-quarter-length waxed-cotton trench coat that bucks wind, rain & snow.
  • Limited Edition
    Short Mile Marker in Tobacco
    More Colors Available

    Short Mile Marker

    No. 20081628
    A waist-length, water-repellent work jacket featuring Filson's oil finish Cover Cloth and a Moleskin-lined collar.
  • Ultra-Light Jacket in Field Olive
    More Colors Available

    Ultra-Light Jacket

    No. 20002997
  • Limited Edition
    Rainier Supply Jacket in Light Brown
    More Colors Available

    Rainier Supply Jacket

    No. 20082578
    An all-purpose work jacket based on an archival U.S. service jacket from the 1950s.
  • Skagit Jacket
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    Skagit Jacket

    No. 11010671
    A rainproof three-layer laminate jacket that's fully seam-sealed with neoprene interior cuffs and a waterproof front zipper
  • Short Lined Cruiser Jacket
    More Colors Available

    Tin Cloth Short Lined Cruiser

    No. 11010762
    A water-repellent Tin Cloth jacket that's fully lined with Cover Cloth and has a hip-length hem for mobility
  • Cover Cloth Mile Marker Coat
    More Colors Available

    Cover Cloth Mile Marker Coat

    No. 11010409
    A breathable, lightweight, fully lined, wind- and water-resistant coat with Moleskin-lined collar and drawcord-adjustable waist
  • Cover Cloth Hood
    More Colors Available

    Cover Cloth Hood

    No. 11010028
    A water-repellent hood with visor that buttons into select Filson coats


11 Item(s)

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