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  • Tin Packer Hat
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    Tin Packer Hat

    No. 11060015
    Classic fedora-style hat in rugged, water-repellent Tin Cloth
  • Cowichan Running Wolf Cap

    Cowichan Running Wolf Cap

    No. 20003278
    Since the 1800s, the residents of British Columbia have been knitting their famed Cowichan woolen goods, known worldwide for their strength, warmth and natural weather resistance. Filson continues this tradition by introducing a new, limited-edition line of Cowichan knitted goods each winter. Because each item is hand-knit by a different pair of hands, these woolen goods are each, truly, one-of-a-kind garments of unsurpassed character and quality.
  • Bison Knit Hat
    More Colors Available

    Bison Knit Hat

    No. 11060090
    This soft knit bison wool cap provides lightweight warmth
  • Bison Fisher Beanie
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    Bison Fisher Beanie

    No. 11030109
    This soft bison wool fisherman's-style cap provides lightweight warmth
  • Wool Cuff Cap
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    Wool Cuff Cap

    No. 11060198
    Knit wool cap you can roll up or down as needed
  • Cover Cloth Hood
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    Cover Cloth Hood

    No. 11010028
    A water-repellent hood with visor that buttons into select Filson coats


6 Item(s)

Compare 1 items ->