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Filson Beanies & Caps

Our classic beanies and caps shield the sun, made with bison wool and Tin cloth, they keep you warn, repel the rain, and offer breathability and comfort in the outdoors.


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  • New
    Double Mackinaw Cap in Red/Black/Birch
    More Colors Available

    Double Mackinaw Wool Hat

    No. 11060041
    An insulated wool cap with tie-back shearling-lined earflaps, an insulated crown and a 3"-wide bill
  • Limited Edition
    Handmade Fair Isle Beanie in Heather Gray/Tan
    More Colors Available

    Handmade Fair Isle Beanie

    No. 20030933
    Our naturally water-repellent wool cap is hand-knit in British Columbia using the intricate Fair Isle knitting technique.
  • Limited Edition
    Handmade Eagle Beanie in Ivory/Brown
    More Colors Available

    Handmade Eagle Beanie

    No. 20030932
    A warm, naturally water-resistant wool cap that's hand-knit in British Columbia.
  • Limited Edition
    Ribbed Knit Beanie in Dark Green
    More Colors Available

    Ribbed Knit Beanie

    No. 20072780
    A heavyweight wool beanie hand-knit in Ireland to protect against harsh North Sea winters.
  • Limited Edition
    USFS Beanie in Black
    More Colors Available

    Filson & USFS Beanie

    No. 20076583
    Knitted wool cap that breathes well and insulates even when wet.
  • Filson Seattle Knit Hat in Green/Brown
    More Colors Available

    Filson Seattle Knit Hat

    No. 20002524
    A knit cuffed cap made from 100% virgin wool from the USA
  • Bison Wool Knit Hat
    More Colors Available

    Bison Wool Knit Hat

    No. 11060090
    This soft knit bison wool cap provides lightweight warmth
  • Big Game/Upland Hat
    More Colors Available

    Big Game/Upland Hat

    No. 11060065
    Blaze Orange adjustable-strap hunting hat lined with wool
  • Wool Cuff Cap
    More Colors Available

    Wool Cuff Cap

    No. 11060198
    Knit wool cap you can roll up or down as needed
  • Insulated Blaze/Tin Cap
    More Colors Available

    Insulated Blaze/Tin Cap

    No. 11060074
    A weather-resistant cap with hidden earflaps in Blaze Orange for increased visibility
  • 5-Panel Cap
    More Colors Available

    5-Panel Cap

    No. 11030236
    A classic five-panel cap made of breathable, warm wool from Pendleton Woolen Mills, with a leather strap for a custom fit
  • Insulated Tin Cloth Cap
    More Colors Available

    Insulated Tin Cloth Cap

    No. 11060068
    A water-repellent cap with tuck-away wool earflaps and a 3" bill to protect from rain and snow
  • Watch Cap
    More Colors Available

    Watch Cap

    No. 11030235
    This warm, wool watch cap is perfect for insulating against drizzle, snow and dropping temperatures. The size and coverage is easily adjusted by cuffing the cap as desired.
  • Mackinaw Cap
    More Colors Available

    Mackinaw Cap

    No. 11060040
    A warm wool cap with hidden earflaps, a 2"-wide bill and an insulated crown
  • Tin Cloth Wildfowl Hat in Dark Tan
    More Colors Available

    Tin Cloth Wildfowl Hat

    No. 11060063
    A water-repellent, wind-resistant, wool-lined hat with neck flap and earflaps
  • Logger Mesh Cap in Black
    More Colors Available

    Logger Mesh Cap

    No. 11030237
    A water-repellent cap with mesh back for breathable comfort
  • Bison Wool Fisher Beanie
    More Colors Available

    Bison Wool Fisher Beanie

    No. 11030109
    This soft bison wool fisherman's-style cap provides lightweight warmth


17 Item(s)

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