1. Waffle Knit Henley
  2. Waffle Knit Thermal Crewneck
  3. Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt
  4. Wool Roll Neck Fisherman's Sweater
  5. Fingerless Knit Gloves
  6. Buckner Wool Camp Shirt
  7. Wool Fisherman's Beanie
  8. Waffle Knit Thermal Crewneck
  9. Wool Fisherman's Sweater
  10. Full Finger Knit Gloves
  11. Lined Ragg Wool Beanie
  12. Henley Guide Sweater
  13. Heritage 5-gauge Wool Sweater
  14. Jacquard Wool Crewneck Sweater
  15. Bristol Roll Neck Sweater
  16. Handmade Mittens
  17. Handmade Mittens
  18. Training Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt

Rugged Men's Knitwear

What is Knitwear?

Knitwear is clothing and accessories made from fabrics constructed with interlocking loops of yarn. The looped construction gives knitted fabrics their ability to stretch and recover. The size and density of the loops affects the amount of stretch, wind-resistance, and warmth of the fabric.

What fabric does Filson use to make Knitwear?

Filson knitwear is made from cotton, polyester, acrylic, and wool, as well as blends of these raw materials.

What kind of Knitwear does Filson offer?

Filson wool knitwear includes sweaters, beanies, gloves, socks, and base layers. Our cotton knitwear includes T-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Filson knitwear made with synthetic yarns includes jackets, vests and pants made from polyester fleece, and knitted acrylic watch caps. Filson socks are made from blends of wool and synthetics that are selected for their specific performance attributes.  

Why Choose Filson's Knitwear?

Filson knitted goods are the best of their kind. We source the highest quality wool from the world’s best suppliers for our sweaters. Filson T-shirts are made in USA with sturdy 100% cotton with excellent structure and shape retention. Our sweatpants and sweatshirts are made with a thick, sturdy cotton/polyester blend that provides superior comfort, warmth, and durability.

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