Mackinaw Wool Jac-Shirt


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Wears like a shirt and insulates like a coat.

Introduced some fifty years ago, our original Jac-Shirt has served more outdoorsmen in a wider range of weather conditions than we can count. This version of that icon is made from thick Mackinaw Wool for warmth and protection in colder weather. 

Made here in Washington, we’ve blended the wool that’s provided protection from the Pacific Northwest’s cold, rainy weather for over a century with the easy-wearing versatility of a heavy overshirt. The buttoning front closure and adjustable cuffs make temperature regulation easy. Flap-covered chest pockets secure with hidden buttons to avoid snagging. 

Our 100% virgin Mackinaw Wool features a unique fiber structure that wicks moisture away for evaporation. This natural wicking process has yet to be duplicated by fabrics developed in laboratories and is the primary reason wool has been the fabric of choice in foul weather for centuries. Our Mackinaw Wool Jac-Shirt can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in water without feeling damp or clammy. 

Only the longest and strongest fleece fibers are selected for Mackinaw Wool. They’re spun into strong yarns that are tightly woven in a twill pattern for a fabric that is highly water- and wind-resistant while maintaining outstanding breathability. Mackinaw Wool clothes are exceptionally durable and are often handed down to the next generation.


  • Built with 26-oz. 100% Mackinaw Wool
  • Water- and wind resistant; insulates even when wet
  • Buttoning front, adjustable cuffs and pocket flaps
  • Hidden buttons for chest pocket flaps
  • Military-grade melamine buttons throughout
  • Limited-edition release
sku 20249128
manufacturing Made in USA
material 26-oz./LY 100% Mackinaw Wool
care Dry clean only.
FIT INTENT Relaxed fit allows room for midweight layers underneath Size Expectations

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