125th Anniversary Wool Blanket

Hand woven artisan blanket honoring the old ways.

Our 125th Anniversary Wool Blanket is a fine example of artisan craftsmanship. It’s handmade from start-to-finish with techniques that honor centuries-old traditions of stewardship and craft. Traditional animal husbandry is practiced with the sheep that provide the wool, as they’re tended by shepherds with herding dogs, naturally grazing and leaving their rangelands fertile and rich. Highly skilled hands gently scour the fleece, in preparation for the plant-based dyes that transform the yarns with colors taken from the natural world. With hand-placed yarns and foot-operated pedals, the classic wooden loom becomes an extension of the weaver’s creative vision and deft touch.

This rare blanket is climate-beneficial, its creation leaving the natural environment better for having produced it. Crafted by hand with only 50 made, each one is unique with slight variations.

  • Handcrafted from start to finish
  • Climate beneficial
  • 100% wool processed and dyed naturally
  • Only 50 made
  • Throw-blanket sized
  • Fringed ends
sku 20265734
manufacturing Made in USA
dimensions 62"L x 42"W
material 100% wool
care Dry clean only

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