Filson x Fatwood Fire Starter

Filson x Fatwood Fire Starter

Completely natural and long-burning.


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Completely natural and long-burning.

Filson and Fatwood collaborated to bring you a natural and sustainable fire starter. This byproduct of the logging industry is harvested from tree stumps full of pitch and resin. No live trees are harvested– in fact this special resin soaked kindling is taken from working forests replanted at a 3:1 rate. Fires can be started with one match in windy, wet conditions, or cut into shavings that can ignite with sparks from a flint & steel. Leaves no artificial flavors or tastes when used to light cooking fires or BBQs. Custom Filson graphics on 12-lb. crate.


12 pounds of fire-starting kindling

Taken from stumps in working forests

No artificial ingredients

Excellent for wet-weather camping

Excellent for cooking or grilling


SKU: 20234428
Made in Mexico
Material: Wood product

Item No.





13-1/2'L x 10"W x 8-1/2"H


Keep dry and away from flames

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