Built from legacies that proudly persevere today, Filson and Seattle Kraken Hockey have announced a partnership to honor those legacies and carry them into the future.


Founded in 1897, C.C. Filson first equipped the daring pioneers who sought their fortune in an unforgiving landscape during the Yukon Gold Rush. Since then, Filson has built on its legacy and now retains a global reputation for top-quality, new and heritage goods that perform in the wild and stand the test of time.

Be it adventure, trade, or sport, Filson remains committed to outfitting those who courageously challenge the unknown, wherever your journey may lead.


Filson honors the grit and determination of those who venture further to challenge themselves in the toughest environments and push their bodies to discover the deepest level of endurance.

We admire those who call the ice their playground, whether in a stadium filled with the adrenaline of 17,000 fans or on the local ice ponds. We honor the men and women of hockey, our great northern sport, and it is our pleasure to announce our partnership with the Seattle Kraken.

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