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  • Double Mackinaw Cap in Red/Black/Birch
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    Double Mackinaw Wool Hat

    No. 11060041
    An insulated wool cap with tie-back shearling-lined earflaps, an insulated crown and a 3"-wide bill
  • Insulated Tin Cloth Cap
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    Insulated Tin Cloth Cap

    No. 11060068
    A water-repellent cap with tuck-away wool earflaps and a 3" bill to protect from rain and snow
  • Big Game/Upland Hat
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    Big Game/Upland Hat

    No. 11060065
    Blaze Orange adjustable-strap hunting hat lined with wool.
  • Tin Cloth Wildfowl Hat in Dark Tan
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    Tin Cloth Wildfowl Hat

    No. 11060063
    A water-repellent, wind-resistant, wool-lined hat with neck flap and earflaps
  • Insulated Blaze/Tin Cap
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    Insulated Blaze/Tin Cap

    No. 11060074
    A weather-resistant cap with hidden earflaps in Blaze Orange for increased visibility.
  • Bird Straps
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    Bird Straps

    No. 11069001
    A classic bird strap especially for waterfowlers, made with durable Bridle Leather, brass hardware and self-closing loops to hold birds securely.
  • Utility Apron in Dark Tan
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    Tin Cloth Utility Apron

    No. 11030000
    Ultra-durable, wear-resistant, water-repellent utility apron.
  • Limited Edition
    Folding Knife in Buckeye

    Folding Knife - Buckeye

    No. 20051482
    Robb Gray is a Seattle metalsmith and leathersmith whose mastery of the Sheridan style has earned him accolades and awards. Each knife comes with a custom sheath and belt loop made from vegetable-tanned Filson Bridle Leather, and is individually numbered and comes with provenance documentation to verify its authenticity.


8 Item(s)

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