James Guthrie is no stranger to the bitter cold elements of the winter season, as he works in them each night as a carriage driver. So when we heard that Filson keeps him protected and at times sweating while on the job, we got that good old warm and fuzzy feeling. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I've used modern insulators and wool. Yet I must say, when it comes down to it wool has kept me warmer per weight and bulk than any modern solution. So far I only have the Filson Merino Wool T-shirt and Western Vest, but those two things on their own have kept me warm at the coldest of temperatures. I purchased the t-shirt this past holiday season because I knew I'd be sitting on an open carriage 4 hours a night touring shoppers around a local mall. The key to this purchase was being able to layer a white shirt, bow tie, and suit jacket on top while remaining warm in sub freezing weather. Often times I find myself thankfully sweating, instead of shivering in front of my customers. My next purchase will be the Tin Cloth Coat; I'm just waiting to save up the money. Thanks for an amazing product that I can trust to keep me warm while moving or sitting stock still, Filson!