Today marks the beginning of two great opportunities for you diehard Filson fans and even those of you are new to Filson. It’s time to trade in your old Mackinaw Cruiser OR get in on a chance to win a new one! Here’s how it works. Through September 30th, when you buy a new Mackinaw Wool Cruiser and we will charge your credit card full price. Then, you send in your old Mackinaw Wool Cruiser and with a note that includes your order number and "Money for My Mack" written on it and we will credit your card $60. To take your Mackinaw Wool Cruiser love even further, we want to hear your stories and memories on who wore it, where it's been, and how it performed for a chance to win a new one. Share your story on our Submit your Story page. Photo inclusion optional, however, you can send only a photo too, if you want. We will select the best and the winner receives a free, new Mackinaw Cruiser.