Lee Allen has much to be thankful for in his life. During a dangerous accident at work, his arm was stuck between pumping units. Thankfully his arm was saved thanks to his Filson Tin Cruiser jacket. He has been hooked on Filson ever since and recommends it to anyone working in an oil field. I work in Texas oil field was wearing tin cruiser while working on a pumping unit, the break slipped and my arm was in between pumping unit weights and fly well of engine .If I had not been wearing the tin cruser my arm would have been badly hurt if not broken or worse. Because of the tin cruiser, I was able to get my arm out . It did tear a hole in coat but left me unhurt. I recommend Filson Tin Clothing to all men who start in oil field for winter wear. May cost little more but it keeps you dry and warm. Good safety equipment.