We're only a few shorts hours away from the always welcomed long weekend that Presidents' Day brings with it. We’re sure you can hardly wait to take advantage of the time off, get out and about and make the most of this 3-day weekend. Now you may be wondering , just how to spend your time in the next couple of days, so we'll take this as the opportunity to outline a few of our favorite weekend spots in our hometown of Seattle. Whether you are looking to get some target practice in, reel in a fat blackmouth salmon or simply explore Seattle's gorgeous surroundings, this guide should be fit for any outdoorsman or woman. West Coast Armory - Bellevue Indoor Gun Range Seeing as though turkey season is right around the corner here in Washington (April 11) the extra time off this weekend serves as the opportune time to brush up on your shooting skills. The West Coast Armory shooting range is located in Bellevue and allows pistols, rifles and shotguns. Whether you want to bring your own guns or test a few new ones, this is a great place to get some shooting in. They have an extensive list of weapons to test out just in case. You can be sure you'll see us here at some point this weekend! Fishing the Puget Sound As of yesterday (February 16) steelhead season has been pretty much wrapped up in the area. So we'll be focusing our efforts on snagging some big blackmouths in the Puget Sound. Be sure to review the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife's 2012 Sportfishing Guidelines to ensure that you are fishing in an open area. Once you have your location lined up, you should be good to go catch some fish. If you see us out there be sure to say hello! Hiking around Seattle If you can bare the rain this weekend or catch a nice little lull in the weather, get out and do some hiking. A few of our favorite spots around town include; the Seward Park Loop, Carkeek Park, Discovery Park Nature Loop and the Burke-Gilman trail. Each of these trails offer a variety of hiking for the more advanced and those looking for an easy yet scenic hike. The views you will get here in Seattle are well worth your time, that is if you're willing to pack your rain gear and make a day of it. You can count on us being out there. Whatever it is that you decide to do this Presidents' Day weekend, in Seattle or elsewhere, be sure to get out and keep the adventure going! Enjoy the time off friends!